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Introducing The New Blip Player

Jake Simms
posted this on July 26, 2012, 6:13 PM

We are extremely excited to announce that we have started rolling out a brand new player to our core Blip Producers (find out more about what we deem "core" Blip Producers at   

We’ve rethought our player from the ground up with audience development in mind. Everything about it is meant to drive more engagement with your audience and to demonstrate the depth of your content library.

Besides a completely overhauled interface, new features in our initial launch include:

  • Love and Follow. Viewers can love your episodes and follow your series from the player.  
  • Unified comments.  Conversations on also happen in the embedded player, and vice versa.
  • Featured Episodes and Recommended Series. The episodes you choose to feature and the series you choose to recommend on are now shown in the embedded player.
  • Continuous playback. For when you have them hook, line and sinker, we keep the videos coming.
  • Information Shelf. Viewers can browse to get more information about the episode they are watching, your series, other episodes in your archive, other series you recommend and more.
  • Facebook Open Graph integration. Viewers can auth with facebook to seamlessly share Watches, Loves, and Follows to their Facebook timeline.

In order to get the latest player out quickly, we left a few old and a few planned features out for the initial release. Some things we will be adding over the course of the next few months include:

  • Custom Playlist support. The ability to embed a player with a custom playlist.  
  • Popular Episodes list. A list of what your audience deems the most popular episodes in your series.
  • Watch Later. The ability for audience members to save an episode or series for later.
  • Annotations. Encourage your audience to participate and cross-promote other content from the player.
  • Closed Captions. An updated implementation of our closed captions system.
  • Light Customization. A handful of customization options.

Love it, hate it? Let us know by filling out our survey!

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