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General Advertising Questions

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posted this on June 1, 2012, 3:24 PM

1. How does advertising work on Blip?

Advertising is one of the primary services that we offer to independent show creators.

We offer multiple advertising formats (preroll, overlay, postroll and commerical breaks for qualifying web series) you are willing to accept.

2. How much should I expect to make?

Some shows that participate in the Blip advertising program make little or no money. Others make tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
There are a number of factors that influence how much you can earn, including:

  • The size of your audience (i.e. how many people watch your show);
  • The number of video views you receive;
  • The general subject matter of your show;
  • Age appropriateness (shows that are appropriate for general audiences often earn more than those appropriate only for adult audiences);
  • The geographic location of your viewers (viewers in the United States and United Kingdom generally earn more money than viewers elsewhere in the world).

The best way to determine how much you will make through the Blip advertising program is to try it out.

3. Do advertisements appear every time my show is viewed?

Blip attempts to show an advertisement every single time someone views an episode that's participating in the advertising program. This is not always possible.
Some factors that influence whether an advertisement will display include:

  • Whether the episode is viewed in a Blip player;
  • Whether the viewer of the episode is in “in-market”, or in other words in a place in the world where we have advertising available for placement;
  • Whether the content of the show or the episode is considered appropriate for advertisers;

As a general rule the best environment for serving ads is the official Blip video player.

4. How does Blip pay creators who participate in the advertising program?

We pay show creators who participate in our advertising program on a monthly basis, with a 60-day deferment to allow for processing, fraud analysis, bookkeeping requirements, and fulfillment of tax requirements. Payments go out within weeks of the close of the quarter.
You must have a balance of $25 to receive a payment from blip. Payments less than $600 are sent by PayPal. Payments of $600 or more are sent by check.
If you earn more than $600 in a single calendar year from Blip, we cannot send payment until we receive a completed IRS Form W-9 from you.

5. Can I run my own ads on my Blip show?

While we do allow sponsorships or paid placements for qualified high quality web series, we do not offer the ability to run your own pre-roll, overlay, commercial breaks or post-roll ads at this time. Additionally we do not allow videos which are considered primarily promotional or “branded” in nature.

6. How do I contact a Blip sales person?

Check out our advertisers information page to get in touch with a sales representative in your area.

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