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Additional Partner Removal FAQ

Jake Simms
posted this on January 31, 2012, 1:38 PM

This article is in reference to our January 31, 2012 announcement about removing distribution partners. 

Why are these partners getting removed?  
In general, they fell into one of three categories:  1) The service is no longer of value to our producers; 2)  the service never delivered value to our producers; or 3) few, if any producers, use the service.

What criteria are you using to determine value?  
A valuable destination provides strong ways to help build and audience, deliver views, and generate revenue. 

That’s a lot of distribution partners you removing, any plans to add more?
Yes, we are working on some new things, but most of our time will be spent improving the remaining distribution options so they deliver more value.  

You’re cutting Vimeo, really?
Vimeo has been very good to us and is a staple in many publishing work flows. However, we generate revenue for producers by serving ads, and Vimeo has no plans on allowing advertisements in their player. Narrowing our focus means having to make hard decisions. This is one of them.

iTunes and Roku don’t serve ads, why are they staying?
We are exploring options with Apple and Roku. We think these are two areas of our current offering that we can improve upon greatly.

I can’t monetize on YouTube either.
YouTube is too important for generating views to ever nix from our offering.
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