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We updated midrolls, introducing Commercial Breaks

Jake Simms
posted this on January 24, 2012 03:19 PM

We started offering midrolls as an ad product a bit over a year ago. Today we released the next version, which we are calling Commercial Breaks.

Here’s the quick breakdown of what’s different:
  • You now only have to be opted into Preroll to have access to Commercial Breaks (instead of Preroll, Overlay, and Postroll).
  • Improved overlay ad serving logic. Our overlay placements adjust to Commercial Breaks more efficiently. This should help grab a few extra overlay impressions at the end of an episode you may not have gotten before. 
  • Commercial Breaks are placed using our break selector tool. This replaces the basic time input on the web upload form. The break selector tool is available on your episode information page next to where you would edit your metadata.
There’s a whole lot more going on under the hood. We’ve opened up a new section in the Knowledge Base to cover more details about Commercial Breaks.

Happy Breaking.

-Jake Simms, Blip producer products


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I was wondering if there's any way to manually put in the timecode for the commercial breaks immediately after uploading like the old system?  Right now it can be time consuming to wait for the video to convert and then wait for it to load to the point you want to put the commercial breaks.  I like how there's a manual upload and shoose thumbnail option for making episode thumbnails, since we regularly use both depending on the situation.  Is there any possibility of having this choice in the future?

January 30, 2012 06:58 PM
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Blip Support

@thenightniteshow - About 3 minutes into this tutorial, there are directions on how to more precisely place your commercial breaks:

May 21, 2012 05:15 PM