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Why don’t I see ads, or why aren’t they appearing all the time?

Jake Simms
posted this on January 13, 2012, 4:12 PM

If you've opted into advertising, but ads are not appearing, there are several things to check:
  • If you've only just turned on advertising wait up to one hour for this to take effect. Our system cache needs to be updated.
  • Verify that "Disable advertising for this episode" is un-checked for the individual episode in question.
  • Verify that you're viewing your show in an environment that supports advertising. Currently, advertising will only display in the embeddable Blip Flash player.
You may not see advertising every time you watch a video, here are some reasons why:
  • If you are new to Blip you may not see advertising until your show is rated and categorized by our content team. In order to have your show reviewed, you must complete the new Show Wizard. You can find more information about this process here. Unfortunately if you have been reviewed and are not considered by our content team to be a "high quality, original episodic web series" you may not be approved for many of our ad campaigns. You can find out more about the type of content Blip is built for at
  • We may not currently have ad inventory for your genre of show.
  • If you've already been shown a number of ads in a short period of time, we won’t show any for a period of time. This is called frequency capping. We optimize these settings constantly to provide you with the biggest payout possible and viewers with the best experience possible.
  • If you are outside of a Blip sales market, you may not see ads.
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