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How can I increase my RPM?

Jake Simms
posted this on January 15, 2012, 2:30 PM

Opt in to all advertising formats.  The formats work together because we often sell packages that include two or more formats.

Be more advertiser friendly - Large advertisers (such as car companies and consumer electronics companies) are often nervous about excessive swearing, nudity or gratuitously adult themes.  Stay true to your vision, but if you can remove an f-bomb or two without damaging the show you may want to do so.

Fill out your title, description and tags for every single episode. Some advertisements on Blip are targeted using this data. The more of this data is available, the more ads will be available, and the more they will be worth.

Develop as much of your audience In-Market as possible.

Increase your In-Player views by using the Blip video player for as many of your video views as possible.  The Blip player is the only place that all of the advertisements we sell can appear.
  • If you have your own website, use our embed codes to put the Blip player on your site.
  • If you’ve developed an audience on iTunes or other distribution partners, work towards diversifying those views towards an environment where you’re able to monetize those views, eg. your website or the Blip destination site.
Make your show appropriate for as many ages as possible. We use the US TV Parental Guidelines system to sell and target ads. Shows that we consider TV-G generally make 30% more per ad impression than shows rated TV-MA.

For more information on how engagement plays a role in your RPM, please see:
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