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MP3 Uploads Discontinued/How to Redirect Your Feed to a New Host

Blip Support
posted this on December 22, 2011, 12:39 PM

You may now redirect your blip hosted MP3 feed to your new host using our iTunes MP3 RSS Redirect Tool.

At we're focused on being the best home for high quality, original episodic web series. To that end, we have focused on making our upload process as easy and fool-proof as possible. For a number of years we've permitted the upload of non-video formats, but beginning December 20th, 2011 we will be turning off the ability to upload all audio-only formats, including MP3.

Pro accounts will still have the ability to create MP3 conversions from their source video files, but direct MP3 uploads will no longer be allowed.  If you are uploading an audio only podcast, we strongly recommend using a more appropriate platform such as Libsyn or Podbean.

Please note that you must move your content to your new provider before using our iTunes MP3 RSS Redirect Tool. Our tool will only move your current subscribers to your new feed in iTunes, it will not move your actual content. Most MP3 podcast hosts offer their own tools for moving your content to their service, so please consult their support documentation for further assistance.

MP3 files currently hosted on are currently scheduled to be removed from our servers in July 2012.



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Actualidad Argentina

Hi- I've tried the auto redirect with a new feed I'm using at soundcloud, but it looks like isn't saving the changes in the "new-feed-url" tag. Is there any way to edit the feed manually, or is there some problem with the auto redirect? I'm assuming that using a feed from soundcloud shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for your help! 

December 26, 2011, 3:38 PM
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Blip Support

@Actualidad - The feed redirect tool places the <itunes:new-feed-url> tag in your feed. If you need your feed redirected, please submit a support ticket.

December 30, 2011, 12:17 PM
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