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New Dashboard Features (8/9/11)

Blip Support
posted this on August 10, 2011, 11:22 AM

AJAX Web Upload by Default

This change to our web upload form allows for automatic resume and retry if a connection is lost momentarily. This should make uploading via the web interface more reliable for some.


New Pro Feature: FTP Uploads Can Be Marked Private By Default

Pro users can now mark FTP uploads private by default. This means you can batch upload your files, then go back in and edit titles, descriptions, thumbnails, etc. before your episodes publish. This setting can be turned on in your Dashboard under Account Settings:


Blog Distribution is Being Officially Turned Off

Awhile back we disabled the ability for new accounts to use blog cross-posting. This week we have turned automatic cross-posting off completely in an effort to streamline and simplify our cross-posting options. We also believe that manually embedding the player is the best way to post new episodes to your blog since it allows you to customize the post exactly how you would like it. You can learn how to embed a player by following these directions:

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