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posted this on May 17, 2011, 1:54 PM

I uploaded my show graphics and finished the Show Page Wizard, but my Show Page didn't change!

(or: Why do some episode and show pages look different from others?)

By default on Blip, all new accounts are given a Basic Show Page. Before a show can be given an Enhanced Show Page, our Content Team must review your show to ensure that it fits with our mission of being the home of the best in high quality, original, episodic, video web series. This process can take up to 1 to 2 weeks in some cases. Those which we consider to be the best in original web series are given the ability to customize their show page skins, or an Enhanced Show Page. You can help us discover your show by making sure you’ve done the following:

  • Upload high quality show images at
    • Tips for creating excellent show graphics can be found here and here.
  • Fill out all of your show information at
  • Upload more than just one episode of your series uploaded to your show's account - it can be hard for us to review an entire series based on just one trailer or teaser episode.
  • Upload high-quality thumbnails for your episodes, or use our Thumbnail Picker to select and create great thumbnails. Either way you are much more likely to pick a great thumbnail than we are to randomly create one for you.
  • Enter a descriptive title and relevant description for each episode that you upload - please leave out the link spam!

Doing all of these things demonstrates to us that you care about your show and are willing to invest hard work and time to making your show the greatest it can be.

Why is my show not on the new Blip?

At Blip our goal is to help viewers discover the best in original web series. If you are unable to find videos you’ve previously uploaded to Blip using our new search functionality there are a few possible reasons why:

  • We couldn't understand what your show is about.
  • You have multiple shows in one account.
    • The new Blip is built from the ground up to make it easy for viewers who like your web series to easily find more episodes and become a fan. Having multiple web series present in the same account can provide a confusing experience for viewers. If you have multiple web series, we strongly encourage you to sign up for a separate Blip account at
  • Your title does not match or describe the content in the account. Please make sure all your metadata is correct and accurate.
  • A review of your content concluded that it is not an original, episodic web series.
    • If your videos are not part of an original, high-quality, episodic web series, then Blip is likely not the best place for you, unfortunately. We're not set up for one-off "viral" videos, product demos, webinars, portfolios, reels, sermons, raw video game footage, lectures, "Let's Play", "review" shows that do not contain a significant amount of original content, or videos you're looking to just share with your friends and family.
  • We haven't gotten to you yet.  We're a bit overburdened from the launch and we have a backlog of shows to convert to the new skin.  We haven't forgotten about you! 

Please note: Pro accounts have nothing to do with approval for the new Show Page.

For a list of what exactly a Pro account actually does provide, please check our Pro FAQ. Please do not purchase a Pro account thinking this will reverse a denial from our Content team.

I didn't create these images. Do I have to use them?

In some cases where producers did not respond to our requests to provide assets for the new site we took it upon ourselves to build our own. If you don't like them though, you can easily replace them in your dashboard at

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